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International Journal of Health Systems and Implementation Research

(A Publication of the "Association for health Systems Analysis and Strengthening)
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Learnings of STHITI have potential to boost NITI: Could it prove a quantum leap towards NEW INDIA 2022?

Dr Preetam Bhalchandra Mahajan


View Point 1
India aims to free itself of Anaemia by 2022. But, have we learnt enough before taking that leap?
Dr Preetam B Mahajan


View Point 2
Nutritional Assessment and Counselling in Patients with TB: Challenges for the Health Care System

Palanivel Chinnakali, Subitha Lakshminarayanan, Sonali Sarkar


Review Article
Newer Initiatives Towards the End TB game –The Puducherry Scenario

Velavan Anandan, Murugan N, Quincy Madona


Original Article 1

Medical Students’ Perspective about Primary Care Providers, the Foundation of Effective Health Systems - Knowledge of Family Medicine & Attitude Towards Community & Family Medicine

Subba SH, Paul S & Maroju NK

Original Article 2
Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN): Are Cold Chain Handlers Supporting this m Health? An Application of Kurt Lewin theory of Change Management

Dhananjay Kumar, Pallavi Lohani, Abhishek Kumar, Shamshad Ahmad, Pragya Kumar

Original Article 3

A Study of the People's Medicine Scheme in Mumbai and Thane region, India with reference to Cancer and Diabetes Medicines

Barsha Dey, Kanchan Mukherjee

Original Article 4

Rising Public Interest in Hookah and E-cigarettes after Tobacco Cessation Law in India: A Google trend Analysis

Harashish Jindal, Dharamjeet S Faujdar, Arun Kumar Aggarwal

Short Article

Improving Access to Safe Drinking Water Requires Leadership at Different Levels: A photo-essay From a Rural Area in Eastern India (Tangi-Odisha)

Ashwin Kumar Panda, Partha Sarathi Acharya, Akshat Srivastava, Utkal Keshari Suna, Saurav Nayak, Sourabh Paul, Sonu H Subba, Preetam B Mahajan

Case Study

Itching During Pregnancy – Should it be Handled in Routine or on Priority? – Role of Community Medicine Health Post in Bridging the Gaps in the Health System

Ekta Dogra, Sathiabalan Murugan, Anubhuti Sharma, Arun Kumar Aggarwal

Policy Debate

Teenage Pregnancy- Sexually Violated or Sexually Active: Medico Legal Dilemmas of POCSO Act 2012 and other Related Acts

Ekta Dogra, Amarjeet Singh, Pankaj Arora, Arun K Aggarwal


Instructions to Authors

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