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The membership of the society is open to any person who has educational qualification in health/ data management/ management/ information technology/ or any other similar qualification AND IS/ OR HAS WORKED IN PUBLIC HEALTH SYSTEMS OR NON PROFITABLE PRIVATE CHARITABLE ORGANISATIONS. Membership of the society is Subject to the approval of President/ Secretary of the Society.


Life membership fee is Rs.2500.00 ( Rs Two Thousand and Five Hundred Only) at the time of admission.Suitable introductory offers in terms of discounts for attending annual national conference / workshop on Health Systems Strengthening in which AHSAS would be partner, would be given. Amount of discount would be decided by the Governing body and can vary every year. Early membership fee would be life time.  Those not opting for life time membership can avail annual membership at fee for Rs.1000/- only. However, no discount on attending annual workshop will be given.


All and every member of the society shall be entitled to participate in meetings, educational functions and other lawful gatherings, called/arranged by the society. 


All and every member of the society shall:

a. Elect the Governing Body of the Society.

b. Attend the General Body meetings regularly.

c. Give the necessary information to the society, pertaining to any matter,which is necessary to be known, by the society.

d. Not to indulge in activities which are prejudicial to the Aims and Objects and /or the Rules and Regulations of the Society.

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